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Fast, reliable and easy are three words we at AW Seattle hear constantly, others are seamless, flawless, convenient and impressive.  Yes we hear these terms in regards to our actual service but what we want to talk about today is our online reservation and confirmation process.  Our entire network, including our booking process, has been streamlined and built specifically for customer convenience.  You can book a transfer within 24 hours without even picking up the phone.  We also send automatic receipts and confirmations as soon as the ride is entered.  Finally we send text message alerts the moment a client is picked up or to indicate to the client that we have arrived and are waiting.


With our reserve now feature you can create a profile and book rides for the very next day, no phone call needed.  Of course if you need something a bit sooner then that please give us a call, we can usually arrange a pickup within about 15 minutes.  We also offer fully customizable invoicing and trip confirmations, this way you can see exactly what we see the moment you enter or request a pick up.  This feature, as well as a few others, was implemented in an effort to extend peace of mind to our clients and customers.


One of our most impressive features, and the one commented on most often, is our ability to send customer care alerts.  These are messages usually sent for one of two reasons, the first is to let a customer know that we have arrived on location and are waiting for you.  This lets the customer know that we are there for them and they don’t have to stress or worry about finding their car when they are exiting the terminal at the airport or just getting out of that business meeting.  The second most commonly requested care alert is by the admin, or the secretary of a CEO or VIP, this is sent to the person who does that actual booking letting them know that we have picked up their client and that all is well, again all designed to maximize service and offer peace of mind.


This is only one small facet of our flawless service, but it is one that is very much appreciated.  Peace of mind, reliability and expeditiousness are all things valued in any industry especially the transportation industry.  Here at AW Seattle Town Car we guarantee our service and we offer a multitude of features that show you how serious we are about our guarantees.

Dress For Sucess


In a perfect would we would all be judged on skill and merit alone, unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world.  At the risk of sounding horribly superficial the truth is what you look like matters when it comes to business.  If you’re reading this and shaking your head saying “That’s so untrue” or “That’s not fair” I would say that you’re not being totally honest with yourself.  Weather its sales, service or administration your appearance is important.


Let me present this scenario; you walk into a restaurant and you are sat at a table when your server approaches.  In the first hypothetical situation she has her hair up in neat little bun, she smells nice, is clean well groomed and well kept.  In the second scenario the waitress is haggard and sweaty, her make up is smeared and she has dirt or some other substance caked under her nails.  Which one of these waitresses would you prefer?  This person is handling your food, I would imagine that you would prefer it to be as clean and germ free as possible.


So now your saying well of course that’s the food service industry that’s different, and of course she should be clean, but that’s more about hygiene and infection then an actual ascetic.  I will tell you that it’s a combination of both but ill give you a second situation.  You are in charge of the marketing department for a large corporation and you have a meeting with sales person who is attempting to sell you  ad space.  The first rep comes in and he’s dressed neatly, full suit, tie done right, shoes polished, shaved and smiling, he is neat and organized and his appearance reflects that.  The second sales rep comes in tie loosened, no jacket, uncut fingernails and he looks like he has left-over lunch stuck in his beard.  Now of course there are other things that would impact your decision when choosing where to place your ad but all other things created equal (price, exposure exc.), whom would you choose?  Even on a subconscious level the first guy is going to stand out because the way he keeps himself is a reflection of how he will conduct business.


So again we are all judged and we all judge (weather you want to admit it or not) by appearance.  In business, and in truth in all facets of your life, it is important to dress your best.  At the very least look at it as a reflection of your professionalism, people will subconsciously associate your neatness with competence.  It may sound superficial but its important to dress for success.

Knowing Your Limits


The old saying “You are only given what you can handle” is a nice one, and one that many find comfort in.  I think that yes the possibility of a higher power exists and the fact that he may dole out to us certain situations and a certain “work load” based on our own individual abilities is a nice idea.  I also think that there may be an alternative origin to this popular saying, I think that in reality we have a great deal of control over our environments, and that subconsciously we effect them far more then we realize.   Along this line of thinking we may only be given what we are able to handle because we only take on what we are sure we are able too.


Now I am not denying or affirming the existence of any higher being (that is a deeper subject for a different type of blog), what I am advocating is the ability for us to take responsibility for our lives and out situations.   You know, or at least have an idea of, what you are capable of and how much you can handle at once.  Some of us have the stamina and strength to work harder and longer, some of us have the headspace to consider and address many problems all at once, some of us have the will to remain calm under lots of stress.  Being self-aware will help you navigate easier through life.


A good analogy is at AW Seattle Town Car we only take on a certain amount of work, we only book a finite amount of jobs and then we stop.   Many companies in this industry over book and attempt to take on more work then they can handle, they then try to sub-contract or “farm out” that work to other companies.  This has the potential to create a multitude of problems, you now have a faceless company doing another company a favor for a discounted rate and most likely they are squeezing this job into their schedule last minute, cars run late, they aren’t clean, they are not the models ordered, people, justifiably so, become upset.  AW Seattle could take on more work, we have the vehicles, the drivers and the timing can be made to work, but by knowing our limits and looking to prioritize customer satisfaction over incoming revenue we choose to operate the way that we do, and we are very successful.  Its about knowing the limits and keeping your priorities in order, in the service industry the customer should be happy, all the time, profits will come if your customers are satisfied.


In the end we are only giving what we can mange because we only take what we know we can handle.  Be self-aware enough to not over extend yourself, know your limitations, know your strengths and know your weaknesses.  You will have an easier time of things and find truer and better success.

Gratuity (When, Who and How Much to Tip)

The term gratuity and the act of tipping has been around for at least 500 years, and some experts speculate that the custom has been in effect since the medieval era.   The word itself either stems from the Latin gratuitas, or “freely given”, or the Frenchgratuite, or “free gift”.  In many countries especially in the United States, tipping is expected in most service industries; in other countries, like Japan it is an insult to offer a tip.  In the US sometimes the expected gratuity isn’t exactly clear, nor is the expected amount.  “Do I tip the guy who just pumped my gas? What should I give him?”  ”How much is a good tip for the pizza delivery guy?”  “20% of this bill is like $400, is that really what I have to give?”   If you or someone you know has ever asked these questions read on.


First of all it is important to understand that the basic premise of a tip or gratuity is to reward a job well done, or to express the appreciation of a good service provided.  If you are sincerely dissatisfied with the services performed, do not tip.  Some restaurants build a gratuity into there pricing, if you are very dissatisfied with the service or the food talk to the manager about the included gratuities (in this situation I would not demand the money back, but I would at least voice my dissatisfaction).  For the most part however many service providers expect a tip and many, such as waitresses and bartenders, make their living off of their gratuities.  It is poor etiquette not to tip, and it is horrible to fabricate some reason to be dissatisfied with the service just so that you can get out of an expected gratuity.


In general here are the individuals who should be tipped unless specified otherwise by the company they are employed by (as in the case of a restaurant already including a %20 gratuity in the bill).  Waiters and waitresses, bartenders, bellhops, drivers and chauffeurs, concierge, housekeeping or maid service, delivery people (especially for food), tour guides, hair stylists, masseuses and movers.   When tipping a percentage %10 indicates dissatisfaction with the service, %15-%20 indicates the service was good, and above %20 signifies outstanding service.  Certain professions such as a valet or doorman a tip of $3-$5 is customary although it may vary depending on the cost of your accommodations.


Then we have a bit of a grey area, these are professions or services where some people tip and others do not, resources remain very much divided on the etiquette involved in tipping these individuals.  For repairmen or contractors, such as plumbers or electricians, tipping is generally not expected, as the hourly wage they make, especially when in a union, is relatively high.  However is these individuals go above and beyond and provide services not specified at the time of hire it is not unheard of to offer a tip (if ever in serious doubt you can ask them).   Sanitation, workers, mailmen and people like the paperboy or milkmen often receive tips and gifts around the holidays but again some people do, some people do not.   Finally when your car is being serviced, or the gas attendant pumps your gas and washes your windshield, these ladies and gentlemen sometimes receive a small gratuity.  This varies significantly from state to state and company-to-company but tipping in the range of $1-$5 is not unusual; again it is ok to ask, especially if you frequent the establishment often.


Ultimately a gratuity is up to you but for some services it is expected and it is considered poor etiquette not to tip.  In the United States tipping is very much expected for many service providers and we hope our little guide helps you the next time a gratuity is in question.  When in doubt it is OK to ask.  No matter what though it is always important to thank those that service you and to show your appreciation by being polite and grateful.


How An Executive Car Service Works



We thought it was time to sum up for our clients the process involved from the time AW Seattle receives a request for service until the time of pick up.  From a consumers perspective it may seem like a very straightforward and simple process, and for some companies it may be, but for AW Seattle it is a far more involved.  At AW Seattle Towncar we guarantee our service.  To do this with the volume of work that we do we need to take very specific and exacting steps involving checks and balances, confirmations and back up plans.


So a customer calls or sends an email and the request for transportation is entered.  The reservationist reads back every detail of the reservation once the information has been entered this is the first confirmation.  All of the calls and emails sent out and received by AW Seattle are recorded and these recordings are checked daily, this is quality control.  Immediately after the ride is entered into the computer a confirmation email is sent out to the customer again going over all the details of the transfer, this is the second confirmation.


The rides are then sent to dispatch where they assign vehicles and drivers.  Dispatch goes over each reservation, in detail, checking the information and double-checking everything done by reservations.  The rides or jobs are then transferred to a driver and that driver then checks the ride and the vehicle assigned double checking dispatch.

The driver then comes to the showroom to pick up the vehicle and again checks each vehicle along with the mechanics and detailer.  They check in with dispatch and confirm all the details of the job, filling out paper work both in dispatch and the garage attesting to a visual inspection of the vehicle.  Dispatch then marks the driver in route.  The driver then arrives.  The driver will also reach out to the client if they do not make contact immediately.  Then the driver is marked in route with passenger and ultimately when the transfer is complete he marks the ride as finished.


This is a snapshot of AW Seattles executive car service.  We hope that this gives you an idea of the level of security involved in one of our transfers and shows you a bit about how our checks and balances systems work. So the next time you book a ride with AW Seattle Town Car you can rest assured then you are in good hands.

The Wedding Check List

Planning a wedding can be exciting; it can also be overwhelming and stressful.   When the newly engaged hit the 12-month mark panic tends to set in.  Did I book enough rooms at the hotel?  Is the shuttle I got big enough?  Did I give enough options for dinner?  Did I include his favorite song on the playlist?  And on and on it can go. It’s important to remember that things have a way of working out, and that no matter how much planning and time you invest into the process usually something doesn’t go according to plan.  So what’s the best way to make sure you crossed and dotted as many I’s and T’s as possible without going crazy?


Make sure everything that needs to be booked is.  The music, the hall, the food, the ceremony, the dress, the tuxedoes, the flowers, the transportation, and the invitations, those are the necessities.


Then focus on the extras, do I need to reserve a hotel for my out of town guests?  Do I want to set up a registry?  Am I going to send out thank you cards?  Does the size and scope of my event require a planner?  Things like a photo booth or cigar rolling station fall into this category.


Then it is time to concentrate on the fine details.  The playlist for the DJ, extra rides or transportation for guests or extended family, the final touches on the invitations and the thank you cards.  The little things that sometimes make a good day great.


Finally you need to sit back and relax.  Most people miss something and that’s normal, remember the amount of effort and money that goes into your day and make sure you enjoy it.  In the end everything will work out.


AW Seattle Party Busses

Part buses are all the rage these days. People hire them for nights out, bachelor/bachelorette parties, sweet 16, proms, rehearsal dinners, sporting events, theater nights, scavenger hunts, graduation, casino packages, holiday parties and more. It’s a great way to get a large group together for a fun time while splitting the cost among a group of friends.

Interior of our Land Yacht, the ultimate party bus

But there is a difference between a party bus and a party on a bus. While guest even have a blast on our shuttle bus, we’ve seen some pretty sorry excuses for a party bus. School buses painted bright colors do not make a party bus. Forward facing seats isn’t really a party bus. The key to any great time is to spend it with great people, but spending that time on a great ride is icing on the cake.

A party bus has the amenities you crave for a great time. Don’t settle for just a bus, oh you’ll save money, but you want to make sure your friends are still talking to you when the get on board. While you can get a decent sense of what a party bus looks like online, we strongly suggest you go check out the bus in-person. Minimally, ask lots of questions, make sure that what you see is what you get.

AW Seattle Limo

AW Seattle Limousine Service sets the standard for professionalism, expertise, and style in Seattle Washington and surrounding areas. We deliver the reliability, flexibility, and attention to detail you would expect to meet all your personal and business transportation needs. Our vehicles are always thoroughly clean inside and out, and can be coordinated with any event. Our mission is to exceed your expectations with every booking and event. Call use for Airport pickups and drop offs, Tourist Attractions, Proms, Weddings, Parties, Casinos, Corporate Meetings and Events, Baby Showers, Wedding Showers, Bachelor Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Sporting Events and more. Call (206) 412-9353 for booking information.